Hey there reader,

Here is my perspective on me, in a nutshell.

Am a 40 something yr old divorcee (sounds way more glam than single again) and yes,  I have 2 cats.

My home is in the grand land of Canada (9 mos of winter and 3 mos. of summer).   Am fortunate that my work encompasses many different forms of teaching and creating.

In my 30’s I decided it was time to complete the undergraduate I began waaaaaaaay back in the day.  Now in my 4o’s am in the midst of working on an M.Sc.  Never thought I’d be a science geek, but I am!  Have never really believed in the concept of doing what one is ‘supposed to do’ at any given age…so why not venture into a new career?

My personal philosophy/mantra in life is that there really is something that can be gained/learned from absolutely every situation in life (good or bad), this has been confirmed time and time again.  Hence, the title ‘something to learn’.

This blog began several years ago as a way to keep my writing chops up after completing school, and has become some sort of an expression of life and its challenges/accomplishments.   The topics are varied –  family, yoga, dance, life, music…you get the idea.

Hope you enjoy my posts — would love to hear your comments and experiences as well!

Thanks for taking the time.


The cats…


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  1. Well….Hi. I wish you all the fun and success with your blog. Blogging is great fun and very relaxing. It is a very fun community to be a part of. 🙂 Have fun dancing. In case you have not noticed, I love having fun. 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed reading this J…your writing style and philosophy on our evolution in life were both very engaging…thanks for sharing this…look forward to more philosophizing.

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