Perspective = Peaceful Productivity..?!?


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The beginning of this term at school is different. In the past there was a sense of panic during that first month…so many deadlines, assignments, pressure to do well (though self-inflicted), on top of a new work schedule and attempting to keep in touch with friends and family.   Maybe its the yoga, the blogging, or perhaps a renewed perspective – but this time instead of panic there is a sense of taking it all one step at a time, knowing that it will all get done as it should.

What changed?

The intention to BE has caused a change  — perhaps it gave me a new perspective.

Recently I completed an assignment for an ethics class in which we were asked to describe and back up our personal ethical philosophy.  The argument presented was regarding the development of our moral reasoning throughout life – every decade, relationship, job, conflict, etc. has an impact on the development of our reasoning.  All of this is layered on top of the values that are taught to us as children (for those into ethics it was a bit Kohlberg-esque ).

For me, my philosophy is based on a collection of priorities, and the experiences shared with others. From the values instilled in me by my parents, my innate need to follow my purpose from a young age, relationships, friendships, jobs, and even school.   Always based on authenticity, moving through consequentialist ideas, structured rules based think and, finally, being ‘in my 40s’ and finding the freedom to be true to myself, tossing aside what society deems ‘appropriate/correct’ and living in a manner that is true to my priorities and my vision for my future.  Yes, it really is all mine (it is for you too!).

As I lay in Savasana in a recent yoga class I considered what my intention was to be for that particular class.   Somewhere in my head a voice said  ‘Do What You Can’.  You see I was dealing with a recurring back injury, nothing serious but enough that I had to slow down my practice for a few classes.  ‘Do What You Can’ seemed so simple, achievable.    So, I did what I could in that class and it went fairly well, no guilt involved for not practicing with my usual vigor.

Maybe that is it.  Doing what I can in a day/week/month/life,  accepting what I can do in a day/week/month/life, and BE-ing with that.  The rush to get ‘it all’ done immediately is dissipating, yet things are still being accomplished well, and on time.  It is a relief to know that excess drama and panic really isn’t necessary.

Living authentically.  Working to live authentically, every day.


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