Why, oh WHY?


girl writing in book by tree

Continuing with my   ‘back to blogging’ quest, The SITS put out the idea of posting about why we bloggers blog.   It’s a good question.

For years I have been a regular journal keeping gal.  A source of comfort to me, journaling facilitates the expression of all feelings, without judgement.   This has resulted in some fairly good problem solving as I’ve learned to get it all out of my head and onto the page, read it, be with it, and then configure a solution to whatever needs to be solved.   When life is crazy, journaling is where I find my way once again.   Love. It.  Now, there is a collection of post possibilities on my computer [otherwise known as my new boyfriend, Mac].  Some things are just not appropriate to share – and some things need to be shared.

When returning to school back in 2007 it was a short trip to learning that I truly enjoy the writing process.  After writing a mediocre assignment or two, it was there, my creative voice, beginning to emerge.  From a practical perspective, blogging is a way to write about things that I choose to write about, rather than only about things that are assigned through coursework.  This is key in not only developing writing skills, but to work on the skill of taking an idea and developing it to some kind of end.  Gets the creative juices a flowin’.

What has been discovered through all of this blogishness is that the blogosphere is full of inspiring and supportive fellow bloggers.  There is something to be said for receiving comments from total strangers who enjoy reading my posts, or for the exchange of comments between bloggers.   Its all about the feedback – looking at what posts readers respond to, and what they do not, and being able to take that feedback and process it.  Ultimately, blogging facilitates my authentic voice.   [In my ethics course they would say that my blog certainly speaks to the existentialist side of me.]

There are so many inspiring, intelligent blogs out there – a wealth of information, passion, and support in the land o’ blogging.  There are a few listed here on my blog page and for more, check out the WordPress Freshly Pressed page — always an interesting assortment of posts!


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  1. Very well written . you started out using blogging as a tool and as you are aware you developed your writing skills as well as blog friends. i also feel that blogging gives me a new circle of friends, who share life, opinions and I try to do the same with each person. . rose

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