Hello, Self?


Hello, Self?   Um, yeah, this is me – asking you – to get the *@#!&* out of my way.

[If you visited this blog over the summer you are probably aware that  a 30-day yoga challenge was completed.   30-days straight, HOT yoga everyday.  Removing our obstacles was the theme.]

Now the time has come.  It was inevitable.  Time to let go.  Time to stop being the 5’11” obstacle that is most often in my way in all aspects of my life.

The trick? The quick fix?

Not sure its a trick or a quick fix, I am thinking it is more like a way of BE-ING.

  • Being present enough my life to set an intention for each day, each study session, each yoga practice…
  • Being aware… aware of my breath and aware of my community of family, friends, and supporters.
  • Being honest with myself about perfection – it really is futile.
  • Being able to focus on relaxing my face and take in what is coming to me, rather than blocking it with my stress (and that fish face I always make).
  • Being able to allow myself flexibility.  Already I’ve hit a roadblock – my assignments getting in the way of my yoga.   Today, I took 10 minutes to sit and meditate, to be still.  To practice on my own.  It felt great.
  • Be in the moment in order to fully express the moment – whether that is physically, emotionally, or verbally.  Be in the moment to find the stillness in the moment.
  • To allow myself to Be with my creativity, to go with it and trust it.
  • Be committed to my purpose.
  • Be open to challenge rather than afraid of challenge.

My dear self, I do not mean to be rude (after all, this IS Canada) but please, either work with me or get out of my way!

Note:   The SITS had a ‘Back to Blogging’ week where they encouraged bloggers  to get back into blogging this fall by posting various things.  I didn’t participate in the actual week, but I liked the idea and the ideas they offered.  This post is essentially a repost of my yoga challenge wrap up – with a twist for the fall!


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