Remember that day?



As part of my usual morning routine I was having my breakfast while watching Good Morning America.  Diane Sawyer and her cohorts expressed their shock and utter dismay after that first plane.  Sitting on the couch, I watched as the second plane hit the second tower – and the live footage of people running from the collapsing building.  Was this seriously happening?

Eventually, I left for work.

Sitting in my office not able to do a thing, I found a radio and plugged it in to listen to the news.   Planes being re-routed to Canada.   I’ve never seen so many planes in the skies.

As we all know this was just the beginning of two more attacks and the horror of the days to follow.   It felt like the longest day of the year.

It was such a weird day, as if the rest of the world had stopped time as we watched over and over again the footage of the attacks, the wreckage, the firefighters and police digging and digging through the rubble.   Watching grown men crumble under the stress.   That feeling in the pit of our stomachs that ‘this is just the beginning’….then the military was sent over and it began to affect friends here at home, their families and their colleagues.   Sadly, it is still affecting our military friends and families to this day.

Do you remember that day?  Where were you?


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  1. i was at home when this information came on the tv. i remember crying and my husband and i have relatives in nyc. we worried all day about my husband’s daughter. very anxious, finally made contact and noone hurt. just so sad and overwhelming. God Bless and pray this never happens again. rose

    • Amen to that Rose. Hearing the stories in the weeks following of the families who had relatives working in the towers or near the towers was so heart wrenching. I cannot even imagine what those families went through and probably go through on every anniversary and day in between. Thank you for taking the time to comment — I so appreciate it !

  2. I was at work in a meeting, when my assistant came and said that a plane had hit the building. My boss and I were like “what?” Totally stunned. Someone found a TV and turned it to the news and it was on all day in the break room.

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day, I’m enjoying your blog!

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