Seriously? Back to school? Alreeeaady….?!?


It is official, school is back in session.  Whether you began last week or this week, you are sending your kids or you yourself are going, once again it BEGINS.   New schedules and routines, a clean slate, a fresh start.  Yet at the same time it can be a little unnerving.  That is change for you – constant, inevitable, and risky.

Parents are learning to let go, kids are learning to take a leap…adult students are experiencing it all over yet again.  All like little birds learning to take that first jump out of the nest.  And then, once you take the step, you can’t believe that you had even questioned yourself or thought you couldn’t do it.

Am taking a bit of a break from posting, working on changing things up a bit — all this ‘clean slate’ business  has got me thinking about what has worked and what has not worked so well.    Found this video a few weeks back and keep playing it over and over.. Love it!

Have a good day!


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