Celebrate. Strength. Sangha!


The thursday soundtrack is meant to be a moment to wind it up for the weekend – todays post has an additional purpose.  To celebrate strength through sangha (community)!

Love, love, love Annie Lennox!   An amazing artist and activist  – a woman who is not afraid to be heard!   I had selected a different song for this week — another strong female artist– but this one resonated more with me today.

Today, my mom is having surgery on her spine which requires a lengthy recovery period.  This is one of those times in life when the tables turn, and it is now my turn to step up and be strong for her, and my dad.

I would like to take this time to celebrate the woman who has influenced me the most in this life — my mom.  If anyone can get through all of this – she can and she will.  In an effort to send as much positive strength to my mother as I can possibly muster I have a request of you-  family, friends, students, blog friends, fellow bloggers and teachers,  and colleagues (men and women alike!).

I invite you to take this moment to celebrate the strength, courage and love of the women who have influenced our lives and those yet to be.  Think about the women who have influenced your life, mom/sister/wife/daughter/aunt/grandmother/friend, and perhaps share this post with them or just think about them as you read this and watch the video.

My intention?  To pass along the strength and love of all the women in this community, this sangha, to my mom.  To fill her spirit so that she may face her recovery with greater strength and courage, knowing that she has been blessed with the  strength of many in her recovery.

Now get your beautiful self up off your chair, turn up the volume, and rock it out!!

[Note:   This song was written for an AIDS campaign focused on women and children  in Africa called SING.   The song celebrates the strength of women as individuals and the strength we have when united.  I’ve wondered if I should pick a different song, but then this one stuck with me all day yesterday. For more info on this campaign go to www.annielennoxsing.org]


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  1. great video,great message “sing my sister sing, let your voice be heard”we, woman need to stand up and stand up for issues and be a role model. hope yor mother is ok. prayers for you and your family. rose

    • The surgery went very well, they discharged her to a transitional care unit for intensive physical therapy. Her spinal cord was being squeezed by calcifications on the inner walls and ligaments of the vertebrae in her neck – now that the pressure is off of her spinal cord the doctors believe that there will be many changes occurring over the next few months. Her spirits are doing pretty good, thanks to her amazing perseverance and the good thoughts/wishes and love being sent her way. After checking her into the care unit (aka..nursing home) I had a meltdown and she was the one to lift me back up! Go figure…

      Now the work begins in the PT sessions… staying motivated and staying healthy.

      Thank you for asking!
      PS – explored a little meditation throughout the process, but am anxious to get back to class!

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