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Recently I read an article by Jan O’Hara (Tartitude) on  Writer Unboxed about re-authoring ourselves through writing.  I love that idea, the possibility!  [It must be said that the article was referencing re-authoring ourselves through the characters ‘we’ create in our writing of non-fiction.   But it is still a neat idea.]

Our histories cannot be re-authored, and who would want to?  Our family and personal histories are what have brought us to this very moment in our lives.   The potential for our re-authoring lies in today, in this moment, and in our very own hands.   I wouldn’t trade my history for a million bucks.  But to re-author the script of my future – how empowering is that?!

My writing is here, in this blog, right at your (and my) fingertips.  Beyond this blog my writing is for academic purposes only at this point.  Journaling has always been a way for me to think through life, relationships, decision, the usual things that people journal about.  Blogging has given me a way to re-think my writing and is broadening my idea of ‘audience’ and perspective.  Expanding my awareness and developing my skills allows me to change the direction of my future,  hence the re-authoring of my future.

Creating characters is not what I have set out to do, but somehow I feel that regardless of what you are writing about  – as long as it is what you want and need to do – it is a transformative process.   Each post seems to broaden my perspective on a given subject, and the world around me and appreciate the ‘in-between’ bits more and more.  My ability to ‘self-edit’ has always been, well, a sad state of affairs [I am usually the one in the room saying something completely inappropriate…Lol…I tend to be brutally honest].  Writing this blog is making me a little more contemplative, more attentive to what others are saying, and aware of what I want to say.

Re-authoring ourselves = empowerment of the individual to re-write the future regardless of past occurrences or behaviours.   Getting ourselves on board (‘buy in’) with our own thoughts, dreams, and the possibility of the future rather than dwelling in the past.

OK, so no I am not literally authoring my future….but it is an empowering thought, isn’t it?

Today there were two moments where I realized that the process of writing [blogging] has begun to change me.  In both cases I was open to speak up, bring my voice to a forum, respond to questions and ask questions in return as well [without butterflies lurking in my stomach or my heart racing out of the room].  Not settling for the status quo.  Can you see it?  Proof that it is possible to re-author your future.

Wait, pardon me?  Is that my voice that I hear in all this blogishness?


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  1. i agree , blogging is a tool if we choose to give self expression, creativity , and exchange insights and debate. It’s gives an opportunity to have contact to and from people of different countries as well as America. Rose

  2. That is a very powerful notion… regarding the future. Sometimes I think we all need shaking up… that the future is NOT etched in stone.. that we are all in the driving seat. One of the best pieces of advice I once got from a friend who (quite appropriately) had enough of me moaning about something that was happening in my life at the time and she said to me: “If you donät like your life- then change it”. That has stuck with me always.

    • ‘we all need shaking up’ – I so agree with you. The future is in our hands, and it is not etched in stone as some would have us think. What is that poem that Nelson Mandela read while in prison? I am the master of my fate, the master of my soul. (Invictus – W.E. Henley)…

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Have a good one.

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