…Watermelon weekends and County fairs…


The plan for the day was to attend a noon-hour yoga class, and then continue on with the day.   Yoga was the focus.   Leaving home early enough to stop at the gas station to check with air in my tires (am a little paranoid about that), I then took my usual route to class.  The last major intersection before I get to yoga is at a railroad crossing, and wouldn’t ya know it?  A train was crossing just as I arrived at that intersection.  Cars and their passengers waited calmly, not disrupting the flow of traffic or creating any new escape routes just yet.  And then the unthinkable happened, the train s t o p p e d.  It sat for about 15 minutes… steam began to pour out of the windows of the waiting cars, drivers and passengers clearly frustrated.  Giving in to the frustration, I took off in a different direction – I cannot stand sitting still.  It was no use, there was no way I would make it to the class on time.

Off to the local grocer I went and decided to indulge in some fresh local produce.  Finally arriving home, still frustrated, I shucked my corn, put the water on to boil and ate some watermelon…

The watermelon…the sweet, warm taste brought me back to sitting on my parents’ patio eating huge slices of watermelon on hot summer days.  Worrying about whether or not the watermelon seeds I was ingesting (it was inevitable) would sprout in my tummy.   Summer evenings spent playing kick the can with the entire neighbourhood late into the evening, until we were so completely exhausted… and yet wanted to play some more.

The corn on the cob…hot, crisp, milky, buttery and salty (yes, we salted it..lots).  Yummmm.   On our way home from the lake dad would always stop at the farmers market and pick up freshly picked sweet corn (and watermelon, too).   What an amazing treat it was!

The next logical step…memories of the county fair.   Every summer we would prepare our 4-H exhibits and projects, tote them off to the fair to eagerly await judging.  While we waited we rode all those rickety fair rides (yes, we did and we survived…no ultra safe Lego land for us), played the games, wandered through the barns to check out all the prize livestock and horses.  A fine appreciation for well cared for livestock was developed during those fairs.  Fresh lemonade, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and cotton candy at every turn.  Spending all that time at the fair was the best part of the 4-H club.  Our family spent every possible moment at the fair for the two weeks it ran.  Funny, I don’t remember what any of our awards were – but I remember how much fun it was to be a part of the fair.

Ahhhhhh.  There we go, one frustrating experience with a train while on the way to yoga turned into a flood of happy summer memories.    Good times.

Wondering if anyone else has memories of county fairs…


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  1. I loved our county fair. It was such a big deal to go to. It was one of the only times we had cotton candy. We didn’t enter anything, but loved to go see the winners. And my brother usually showed sheep, he won a few times.

    Now, I live in Texas by the great State Fair. It’s amazing but not the same as the small county ones.

    Really inspiring how you turned the negative to a positive. Hope that train was okay.

    • I am sure that Texas has a HUGE state fair — cause ya’ll do everything big!! We went to State Fair a few times…. loved it! I think the best memories are from the county fair though.
      That train just kept going and going….. but I went to a later yoga class, which was different (more challenging) from my usual and absolutely loved it!
      Have a great day…


  2. I just found your comment on my blog. Yes, I am in school at the grand old age of 47. Woo Hoo! And I’m loving it. Good to know there are more of us out there too.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!
    Watermelon is my favorite fruit. And now I get to share the joy of it with my little guy. As soon as he sees it, the sign language starts and the feet start moving!

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