‘Miss bossy pants’ episode 1


This morning I found myself commenting on a blog about arm flab…and out came my inner ‘miss bossy pants’.    There I went, telling said blogger how fabulous push-ups really are, how to do them, how many to do and oh, you must also work your biceps!

After my ‘miss bossy pants’ episode (just to warn you…there will be further episodes…it’s a curse), I thought I would take a moment to fess up.   I have not been to the gym in weeks.  Yes, it’s true!  Weeks.   Do I love working out?  Yes.  But sometimes life just gets in the way.

So, my goal for the summer is to get back to the gym and also do a bit of yoga.  Am interested in trying hot yoga – for a change.  Not entirely sure that I want to sweat buckets in a room full of other folks sweating buckets as well…and am not entire convinced that sweating that much really does anything different from regular yoga (except force you to consume larger amounts of water afterwards).  But it is something to do, and they have one-month introductory deal that cannot be resisted.

My sense is that we (ladies, and the gents too…) need to think less of fitness as being something we MUST do (OR ELSE!)– and think of it as more of a lifestyle thing.    We know that when we move our bodies we feel better, have a little more spring in our step, and feel stronger.    When I feel stronger I have a need to be more active, which in turn makes me crave healthier foods, giving me more energy to be more active, therefore making me feel better about my body overall…all of this creates a happy little cycle of an active lifestyle (doesn’t that sound just idyllic?  Lol.).

Lastly, and this might be a pipe dream, but wouldn’t it be great if we could all let go of our ridiculous body image expectations?  I must admit, I do indulge in the occasional gripe session about my body (usually with myself as I am trying on a new swim suit)…but the only thing that ever seems to accomplish is rocketing me towards the nearest chocolate bar or Starbucks for a chocolate-y, whipped creamed, frothy, sugary beverage.  Why do we do this to ourselves?

My fitness goals for the summer:

  1. Get to the gym to do some cardio and strength training at least twice a week.
  2. Try hot yoga.
  3. Use only positive language when considering that image in the mirror (oh, right… my image in the mirror… own it J, own it..)
  4. Forgive myself on those days when it is just not going to happen – cause I know there will be those days.
  5. Step awaaaay from the frappuccino….. (Note: chocolate remains as a food group in my life).

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  1. Ahh, a dance teacher’s truth. “Do as I say, not as I do!” (Because I’m too busy planning your classes and setting your choreography to fit in my own workout!) Thank goodness for summer-time walking, yoga, Pilates and cheap sign-up fees! Yay!

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