Top 10 Life Lessons from Dad:


In anticipation of father’s day I thought I’d post my top ten favorite lessons from my dad.   I know, its completely random…but I couldn’t resist.

1.      Family – it’s the #1 most important thing.

2.      How to harvest earthworms in the middle of the night from the flower beds and garden…those are the best kind for fishing.

3.      How to kill slugs in the garden with beer (they get all white and slimy, gross, but it’s kinda cool).  Just think of what the beer must be doing to your stomach…ewww…

4.      The importance of saving money…that’s where our allowances went, into our savings accounts first, then we took out a few dollars for ourselves. The concept of ‘paying yourself first’… I think my dad came up with it.

5.      How to roast a turkey.  Actually did this with dad (and mom) this past Christmas…

6.       “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Its like an anthem for recycling (before it was the thing to do).

7.      Pets are mandatory in every household.  We welcomed several rabbits, fish, gerbils, iguanas, chameleons, and cats into our home – we took care of a dog once, but they tend to ruin the lawn.   Animals seem to soften us as human beings.

8.      Life gets hard – deal with it, you’ll survive, stop whining about it…(He was a fan of the “I used to walk 5/10/15 miles to school, in the snow and in my bare feet/light jacket/3rd hand holey shoes, you can walk to the bus stop and go shopping next week/month..” philosophy.).   Harsh, yes, but an important thing to learn and accept.

9.      Cable tv is not an essential need for our existence.  HBO was new when I was a kid, and costly, so we had if for a bit and then canceled it.    I currently do not have cable (therefore no channels to speak of) and am quite happy without it.

10.  Those ‘papa bear’ protective instincts that every father has – they last for life.

What is your favorite life lesson from your dad?


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  1. I was 10 years old when my Father passed away. I remember that day very vividly in my heart. It was cold winter, the county snow plow had to come and remove the snow from our drive so that we could get to the funeral. My Dad was a business man. He built his see company from the ground, He harvested and sold kiln dried seed corn. The name of his business was “Hahn Seed Company”. We all helped in our own way. Dad taught me the importance of using our talents in what ever way was best for us. Everyone has a purpose in life, find it and work it. Idle time is not acceptable. When it rains we took care of our home property and kept them neat. We had two gardens and we all helped to maintain them. It was a good life. I have been blessed with good parents and a loving family. Dad had serious heart problems and I saw him being taken to the hospital many times. His memory is strong in my heart – he had a wonderful twinkle in his eyes – I loved him and still do sooooooooooooooooo many years later.

  2. Hey, Miss Jacqui – congrats on becoming part of the blogosphere. I’ll have to add you to my daily Pioneer Woman fix. Thanks for the dadisms to remind us of Father’s Day coming up. I was blessed with an amazing dad too (as you know) and miss him every day. I know you realize how lucky you are to still have your amazing dad! Say hi to him for me. See ya later today!

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