My first blog post…


Ok, the idea of writing whatever I want to write about and posting it online is actually kind of cool. An avid (closeted) web surfer, I occasionally run across an interesting blog on a specific subject – I am not there yet with this one. That is, this blog isn’t about any one specific topic of interest. I figure that in order to figure out what I really want to write about, I need to write about anything and everything that interests me. My hope is that this process will eventually help me to figure out where my focus should be and how to maintain focus. Logical? Probably not, but practical, yes. Over the years I have always found that I think things through much better in writing than in conversation.
A little bit about me…  In 2007 I was ‘inspired’ to leave the workforce, move 1500 miles and go back to university at the (young) age of 39.  Today I attend university and have several part time jobs, as opposed to one full time job, teaching ballet and training ballet teachers, coordinating small events, working as a counsellor (supervisor of young and incredibly talented people is more like it).  This transition was one of the best decisions of my life! This blog is a way for me to explore my writing, outside of academic writing. A self-directed, creative writing opportunity of sorts.  My hope is to blog about things that have inspired me, and hopefully they’ll inspire you as well.

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